I Like It Very Much, Said Laura Vianello, A Miami Resident Who Left Cuba Legally With A Visa When She Was A Girl.

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It applied only to Cubans and it essentially said if a Cuban could make it to the United States, they could stay and become a U.S. resident. President Barack Obama ended the policy on Thursday, effective immediately. I like it very much, said Laura Vianello, a Miami resident who left Cuba legally with a visa when she was a girl. Vianello believes this move will mean good things for both the U.S. and for Cuba. This young talent, the new generations, will finally use their talent to have a free Cuba, she said. But Roxana Orta disagreed. She said shes concerned for the safety of those who will now be stuck in Cuba and for those who will be sent back. visit their websiteThere are millions of people in Cuba, she said.

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